Davide Astori, the painful memory of Stefano Pioli: “Every time …”

Is one Stefano Pioli visibly moved the one who received the award today Davide Astori awarded to him by the Italian Press Sports Union.

In fact, the Parma coach has shown that he still has a very vivid memory of the former Cagliari defender e Fiorentina, a guy who, despite the brief spent together, the coach of Milan will carry forever in the heart.

“I am honored and proud of this recognition, meeting Davide was a fortune. A special person in his own simplicity, together we have made a short journey but one that will bind us for a lifetime. He is still alive in our memories and will always be like this ”Pioli began during the ceremony.

“We have always had a real relationship with Davide, we often supported each other when we needed it. I have hardly found such a boy available is always ready to put himself at the service of teammates. He conveyed the pleasure of being with his companions and being guide e leader he always knew how to say the right things at the right time ”continued the coach born in 1965, deeply impressed by the departure of the player from Bergamo.

Every time I get a sudden call I relive that trauma, which I believe no one has ever surpassed ”he revealed Pioli which, however, despite the pain, treasured the qualities of falconer.

“However, we must continue with the good memories because Davide is with us and his family teachings and his inner serenity they can always help us ”.

On the sidelines of the event, the Milan coach (who won yesterday for 3-2 against Atalanta) had his say on racing championship and on direct rivals for the title.

“The favorites for this Serie A? Still too early to tell, I see though a balanced championship. Many will fight for the Scudetto because they are there several strong teams but also for the fight not to be relegated I see many teams on the same level ”commented Pioli.

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