Daughter Elon Musk’s request to no longer bear his name approved NOW

Elon Musk’s daughter Vivian no longer bears her father’s last name. The judge has approved her request to change her name, reports Radar.

Musk’s daughter Vivian asked for the name change a few days after her eighteenth birthday. That application also concerned the first name, because Vivian is transgender and therefore no longer wants to be known by her old first name. She will now go through life as Vivian Jenna Wilson. Vivian also receives a new birth certificate stating her gender as female.

In the petition that Vivian filed, she gave as motive for her request for a new first and last name her gender identity and “the fact that I no longer want to be connected in any way with my biological father”. It is not clear what went wrong between Musk and his child.

The Tesla founder came under fire in 2020 for two tweets in which he endorsed trans people but found the changing pronouns “an aesthetic nightmare”.

Vivian is the daughter of Musk and his ex Justine Wilson. Musk and Wilson had six children together. Their oldest son Nevada died in 2002 when he was ten weeks old. Vivian and her twin brother Griffin were born in 2004. The triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian followed two years later. Musk also has two younger children with singer Grimes.

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