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Darwin Nunez still called too soft


Darwin Nunez he started scoring again, after being hampered by disqualification. But the game is considered not too convincing because it is still too soft.

Darwin Nunez begins to rise Liverpool, after his momentum was damaged by a red card against Crystal Palace. The red card saw him disqualified for three games.

Even if at that moment he was finding his place Premier League. After scoring his first goal for Liverpool against Manchester City in the Community Shield, Nunez quickly scored and assisted in his Premier League debut against Fulham.

The Uruguayan striker then scored goals in five consecutive appearances. But the goal against Arsenal marked a resurgence for Nunez, who scored three more goals in the next four games.

He has now racked up 6 goals in 13 games in all competitions. However, the game is still considered not very convincing.

Former Crystal Palace defender Damien Delaney sees the 23-year-old still too soft to duel with tough British defenders. He saw it when Nunez appeared against Rangers, even though he eventually scored a goal.

“I’m not completely convinced by him, I think he’s soft. I don’t see him as a big, tough South American number nine,” Delaney told Virgin Sport Media, quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

“In the game against Rangers, Connor Goldson gave him a duel at the start and he crashed and looked at Goldson like he didn’t want that kind of thing. He’s still young, so I don’t want to be too critical, he’s going to get better and better,” continued the poor fellow in all divisions of English football.

Physical, so an aspect called Delaney needs to be addressed by Darwin Nunez. Another thing is ingenuity when playing against a tight, low defense, because there won’t be many gaps for him.

“It looks like Liverpool signed him after his performance against them. There was a big gap for him to attack, Liverpool were attacking, there was a lot of room for him,” continued Delaney, who retired in the 2019.

“He needs to learn how to manage low wall defenses. There may not be many gaps for him in many games. He needs to learn to get into the pockets of the game, connect the passes and be a little tougher,” he concluded.

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