Dardan lands world hit and plays concert with Hava in New York


Again and again a German rapper manages to gain notoriety beyond the national borders. Tracks have been able to establish themselves as hits far outside of the German-speaking world on several occasions. Miami Yacine’s “Kokaina” was one of those songs that was also understood internationally.

A hit that is at least as well known comes from Summer Cem with “Tamam Tamam”. To this day there is no German rap track that has more YouTube clicks than the banger’s single. The music video of the song has 280 million views and has also become popular in other countries. It is not unlikely that Summer Cem has created a real evergreen that will still be heard in several decades.

Habibi (Albanian Remix)

And now it seems like Dardan created his own “Kokaina” or “Tamam Tamam”. Because in the last few weeks he has really taken off with his hit single “Habibi”. About a year ago he released the song together with Zuna and the Swede Ricky Rich. The track was already a real hit back then – but not yet a world hit.

The song only made the big breakthrough with the remix version. Because about 12 weeks ago the “Habibi Albanian Remix” went online – and since then it has absolutely gone through the roof. Anyone who is on Tiktok and Co. recently had absolutely no chance of avoiding the song.

Within a few weeks, the Albanian remix has surpassed the streaming numbers of the original. Both versions have already been listened to around 110 million times on all platforms. In addition, there is a mega hype on Instagram Reels and Tiktok. Now watch out: 800,000 stories have already been made in which the sound was used. This is absolutely disturbing!

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Here you can hear the hit

Dardan & Hava

So there would be good arguments to say that Dardan is the most famous German rapper in the world. And that is now reflected in his concert bookings. Dardan and Hava announced that they are playing a show in New York this Sunday. World hit and appearance in the USA – these are statements!

Here you can see the announcement

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