Dangerous Chicken Meat: Contamination and Health Risks Revealed in Czech Republic

Dangerous Chicken Meat: Contamination and Health Risks Revealed in Czech Republic

Few Czechs do not like meat. If we are already trying to eat healthier, we include chicken meat in the menu. But sometimes it can be a gamble with your health.

According to experts, chicken meat is one of the richest sources of not only protein. However, it also contains lots of vitamins and minerals. Is very rich in vitamin B6, which is necessary for the metabolism of amino acids, carbohydrates, also the formation of red blood cells and strengthening of the immune system. He wrote about it web Fitness. However, it depends on what kind of meat you buy.

During its inspections, the State Agricultural and Food Inspectorate also sometimes comes across objectionable chicken meat. We have reported that chicken which has appeared on the Czech market several times was contaminated with Salmonella bacteria, mostly imported from Poland. We also wrote about the fact that in the summer an inspection revealed two batches of frozen chicken with salmonella. This objectionable food came from Ukraine. In addition, freezing has no effect on bacteria.

iPhoto source: SZPIChicken meat with salmonella has appeared several times in the Czech Republic

Now inspection on your website Food on a sackcloth warns of another defective product. This is dangerous chicken from Penny Market. Breast steaks they come from Ukraine. However, they were processed in Slovakia. This meat also contained Salmonella bacteria and is therefore dangerous for human health, warns the inspection. The inspection caught the meat at the establishment in Olomouc. It is no longer for sale.

Now I’m looking at where the meat comes from, says the customer

Due to the fact that the product in question was marked with the information Consume by August 11, 2023, it is no longer found in the market network. However, the inspection strongly advises all consumers who would they could have the product frozen at homeso that they definitely don’t consume it“, Pavel Kopřiva, spokesman for the inspection, told Události247. A typical symptom of salmonella in humans is violent diarrhea, often associated with fever and vomiting, the website explains EUC.

iPhoto source: Aleš Peterka for Události247 According to the inspection, the mentioned meat is no longer for sale. However, if someone has it in the freezer, they should not consume it under any circumstances

Salmonella can seriously endanger young children and the elderly or sick people, as it can cause dehydration among other things. Just one bite can make you sick. “It’s true that I took chicken earlier and didn’t think to check where it came from. Now after those recent information I really look at the country of origin. If it’s from Poland or Ukraine, I won’t buy the meat, even if it’s at an extra bargain price,” Miroslava Hovorková from Třebíč told Událostem247.

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