Damso, Orelsan and Ninho: here are the Top 10 most streamed albums in the first week on Spotify

The website Midday midnight unveiled a few days ago ranking of the most streamed French rap albums first week on Spotify. And in the lot, there are only the big projects of the luminaries of the French rap game like Damso, Ninho and Orelsan.

NI three times in the top 10

At 26, Ninho has become a superstar in the French rap industry and continues to break records. Ranked in the Top 100 of the most streamed artists on Spotify a few days ago, Ninho continues to confirm his title of king of all numbers. As proof, his project Destin released in 2019 and streamed no less than 53 million times in the first week is at the head of the 10 most streamed albums in the 1st week on Spotify.

Second place went to PNL for Two brothers (53 million streams in the first week) before Ninho regained the upper hand with his latest album Boss (50 million streams). Discover the ranking with Nekfeu, SCH, Orelsan and Damso.

Nest – Destin: 53 million streams

PNL – Two Brothers: 53 million streams

Ninho – Jefe: 50 million streams

Nekfeu – The Wandering Stars: 45 million streams

SCH – JVLIVS II : 43 millions de streams

Orelsan – Civilization: 39 million streams

Maes – The Last Bastards: 38 million streams

Damso – QALF: 37 million streams

Nest – MILS 3: 36 million streams

Niska – Mr Sal: 33 million streams

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