Dainese moves to the Carlyle fund. The story of Italian excellence continues

The US private equity group has acquired the Dainese Group. The Venetian company changes ownership after the sale which took place just over 7 years to the Barhain Investcorp fund. The founder, Lino Dainese, will keep a minority stake still to be established

Umberto Schiavella


13 March

– milano

The Carlyle private equity group has acquired the Dainese group, a historic leading brand in the production of high quality technical clothing in the world of motorcycling and dynamic sports. The historic company, an Italian excellence, thus changed hands from Investcorp, a Barhain company active in alternative investment products, and Lino Dainese, holder of 20% of the shares, to the US fund after just over seven years “lived” together. An operation already attempted in 2019 as well as last December closes, but never went through. The news of the sale of Dainese was announced by a press release specifying that Cristiano Silei will continue to hold the role of CEO of the company and that the definitive closure of the transaction, as occurs in these cases, is always subject to approval. of the Antitrust authorities.

The details of the operation

According to Reuters, Investcorp launched the operation at the beginning of 2022. The historic brand founded by Lino Dainese in 1972 was sold in November 2014 to the Bahraini fund at 80% for 130 million euros. while 20% remained the prerogative of the founder. The sale price was not disclosed even though the so-called “Enterprise Value” of the operation had already been expressed, ie the value of the asset sold gross of debt, equal to 630 million euros. And Lino Dainese? As explained by moto.it, who reached the Italian entrepreneur by telephone: “In the 2014 agreement it was envisaged that, when Investcorp had sold, even the share remaining to the founder, that is 20 percent of the Dainese group, would simultaneously pass to the new subject”. But the founder of the brand will keep a minority stake, still to be established as a percentage, in agreement with Carlyle. Carlyle has announced that it will support Dainese’s international expansion, particularly in China and the United States, by investing in the group’s direct distribution channels.

Dainese Group

Founded fifty years ago and with headquarters in Vicenza, Dainese Group has designed and patented among the first solutions in the world of safety and protection, including the back protector and the first wearable airbag for motorcyclists, in collaboration with the greatest champions of world sport. Over the years Dainese has grown to become one of the leaders in the design and production of technical and protective clothing for the motorcycle industry. In 2007, an acquisition process began aimed at strengthening the brand and differentiating its products with the purchase of Agv, a historic company of motorcycle helmets. In 2020 it is the turn of Tcx, a manufacturer of motorcycle shoes and boots, an important company in the sector that boasts a total staff of over 1,000 employees.

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