Daigneault explained where Gabriel Deck can take advantage of the NBA


Daigneault explained where Gabriel Deck can take advantage of the NBA

11:14 03/05/2021 | The Oklahoma City Thunder technical director highlighted one facet of the Argentine’s game and asked him to make the most of it.

Mike Daigneault asked Deck to take advantage of offensive transitions (Photo: Getty Images)

Gabriel Deck has no room to adapt to his arrival in the NBA, there are ten games to show that he is ready to play in the league and guarantee the continuity of his contract. He’s living up to expectations and Mike Daigneault highlighted one point in particular from the game about what he expects from the Argentine.

“Transitions are a priority for all teams. That is something that Gabriel can take advantage of, we already saw it against the Pacers. We hope it will be a constant with him, especially when the opponent fails or taking advantage of a turnover.”, expressed the technical director about a facet in which the Santiago man stood out throughout his career.

Likewise, the Oklahoma City Thunder coach highlighted the importance of the transition game as an offensive tool: “When we are looking for efficiency we go down that path. In the NBA, defenses are very sophisticated and one of the best ways to break them is with quick transitions. Not just with multiple players, which helps a lot, but we do know the advantage that that gives you. granted because the defense is not established “.

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