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Cygames Announces Latest Update Information for “ウマ娘 プリティーダービー” on “ぱかライブTV Vol.34”

 Cygamesは本日(2023年10月28日)配信した“ぱかライブTV Vol.34”にて,「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー」(iOS /⁤ Android / PC)の最新アップデート情報を発表した。


ぱかライブTV Vol.34







「ダービースタリオン マスターズ」とのコラボキャンペーンを10月30日より開催。ジュエルが最大1500個もらえる



★3/SSR確定 TVアニメ第3期放送記念ガチャの第2弾を11月9日より開催




TVアニメ「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー Season 3」が放送中。各種配信サイトでも配信が始まっている

11月21日からローソン×「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー Season 3」コラボキャンペーンを開催

「ウマ娘 ‍プリティーダービー Season 3」オープニング&エンディングのCDジャケット&収録楽曲が公開された

「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー Season 3」vol.1&vol.2の合同リリースイベントも開催決定

「ウマ娘 プリティーダービー Season 3」サントラCDは,2024年1月10日に発売予定


「5th EVENT⁢ ARENA GO⁢ BEYOND -NEW GATE-」の一部記念グッズを先行販売決定


11月18日に開催される「ANIMAX MUSIX 2023」にウマ娘が出走予定。一般チケットを販売中

「Cygamesコンシューマーゲーム試遊祭 2023」に開催。「ハチャウマ」を含む4作品が楽しCygames announced the ⁤latest update information‍ for “Uma Musume⁤ Pretty Derby” (iOS/Android/PC) in today’s “Paka Live TV Vol.34” broadcasted on October 28, 2023.

In the program,‍ various latest information was‍ revealed, including the new⁢ costume Uma Musume, ⁣Kawakami Princess, and Toukai Teiou, which will be introduced ‍in the update on October 30. This article will summarize the contents of the program.

The program is divided into two parts, and this article will focus on the latest update information segment introduced in the latter half of the program. The first half of​ the program is an event corner where the voice actors⁤ of Uma Musume are active,​ so please check that out as well.

In the latest update, it is now possible to confirm the‌ inheritance skills of unique skills.

Currently, the Autumn G1​ Campaign is being held, where players can acquire Manny and Peace.

The Legend Race will be held⁤ from‍ November 6. The opponents this time ​are Tosen Jordan and the new costume Tamamo Cross.

The League of Heroes in November will be ‌held at the Kyoto Racecourse on the 1600m turf. The main stage will open on November 12.

The Champions Meeting, which will⁤ be⁢ held in December, ⁢will take place ‌at the Nakayama Racecourse ⁢on the 2500m turf.

The “Aim for the Strongest⁤ Team” event will be held in late⁢ November.

The collaboration campaign with “Derby Stallion ⁢Masters” will be held from October 30, where players can receive up to ⁢1500 jewels.

The “Tokyo Megamirumi” collaboration campaign will start on November 1. A new gacha featuring the eight key ⁣visuals will also be introduced.

New evolution skills will be added to four Uma Musume, including Oguri Cap and Inari One.

The second round of the “3/SSR Guaranteed TV Anime 3rd Season Broadcast Commemorative Gacha” will be held from⁤ November 9.

New costume Uma Musume, Kawakami Princess, and Toukai Teiou will ⁤be implemented on October 30.

SSR Tsurumaru Tsuyoshi and SSR King Halo will appear in the support ⁣gacha.

The story event “Autumn Rust, Expressing ‍Feelings” will be held from October 30. The distributed support for the⁤ event ⁣will be SSR ⁣Har

How can viewers access and watch the latest episode of “ぱかライブTV Vol.34” by Cygames

“ぱかライブTV Vol.34”がCygamesによって本日(2023年10月28日)配信されました。

In‌ today’s⁢ “ぱかライブTV Vol.34,” which was released ​by Cygames ⁢on October 28, 2023,

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