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Customer approach: More sales through an optimal customer experience

An ideal customer experience can increase sales. But that only works if the right touchpoints are used and processes are continuously optimized. [Anzeige]

Every customer contact has the potential to improve or worsen the customer relationship and thus has a direct effect on sales. While in the past it was only personal contact in business or on the phone that could make a good impression, nowadays the possible touchpoints are diverse. Whether email, social media or advertising: Touchpoints are constantly changing and becoming more and more interactive. But the needs, desires, motivations and expectations are more difficult for companies to identify. Millennials in particular have higher demands than their predecessors and are redefining the customer experience of the future.

Optimize your customer experience!

The customer journey does not end with the order

The customer journey begins in the customer’s mind. They show initial interest through search queries. This is followed by the experience on the page where customers ideally land through their search. Good customer service is a prerequisite for a successful customer journey. Any questions customers might have should be answered directly on the page. An easy-to-use ordering process also pays directly to the success of a product. But after the order is placed, the customer journey is not over. At least an email should follow asking for feedback. Discount codes can also be sent for the next order. Successful account management ensures that existing customers continue to be well looked after.

Which touchpoints should be particularly focused?

Companies can contact their customers via the following direct online touchpoints:

  • Your own website
  • Organic web search (SEO)
  • Paid web search (SEA)
  • Displaywerbung
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Provider pages in social media

Millennials in particular want to be addressed differently than previous generations. Your expectations are higher. So if you want to stand out in a strong competitive environment, you have to understand the customer experience and establish it in a system of action.

Find out how to do it now!

While companies can exert direct influence on this, there are also some points of contact that cannot be easily influenced:

  • Comments on social media
  • Editorial coverage in other media
  • Incoming links
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Blogs and forums

This is how you improve the customer experience at the touchpoints

The optimal customer journey is not just about the ideal appearance at the various touchpoints. Rather, it is also about getting feedback and recognizing what the customers’ expectations are. This starts with the analysis of the search terms and goes through the measurement of the effectiveness of the marketing measures and the overall customer experience on the website. In addition, the order process, the delivery experience and the returns processing must be checked. While data can be collected via the three touchpoints, the indirect touchpoints deliver it in a different way. A regular look at customer feedback on social media, in forums or on other websites shows where there could be room for improvement.

Whether website feedback, e-commerce processes or loyalty checks: A data-driven and emotional view of the customer leads to a networking of the corporate departments of marketing, sales and customer service that breaks the vertical. At the 26. November Qualtrics’ experts use specific case studies to illustrate how companies can communicate and interact with the customers of the future in a sustainable manner. You will also learn:

  • how quickly feedback is generated via the website
  • how different touchpoints are operated in e-commerce
  • How to derive suitable measures from feedback, optimize the results

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