Custom Radeon RX 6000 cards are also virtually unobtainable – Computer – News

Corona impacts the entire society, from A to Z without exception.

On the one hand, this industry specifically suffers from production that was at a standstill, raw material extraction that was at a standstill, all of the just in time logistics that are still in serious trouble, new factories that, like all other construction projects, are seriously delayed, etc.

On the other hand, all those lockdowns & work at home caused companies to buy laptops en masse as well as all kinds of equipment for working at home. Cloud services suddenly became a lot more popular, so they have also gone up a few gears. In the meantime, our networks were put to the test by suddenly streaming en masse and work at home, which meant that there also had to be shifted a few gears higher.

It is certainly not about some Tweakers who would like a Ryzen or a new GPU, it is about an entire industry that has produced less than normal while demand has skyrocketed across the board. Besides that nowadays I factor in much more waiting time for my Ryzen CPU (I remain a Tweaker ), professionally I have had to take into account that switches and servers now take a bit longer.

And that will have consequences, where the prices for Silicon & Ferrosilicon (basic raw materials) were all time low in 2019, since the corona event those prices have been on a lift that only knows the direction upwards, which will put pressure on profit margins.

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