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Curonian literary readings – Gargždai

“As long as there is a Lithuanian-speaking nation, the name of the Kuršaičiai family will be heard,” – the famous Lithuanian linguist Juozas Balčikonis was convinced of this. Therefore, the philological activity continues meaningfully at the Aleksandars Teodoras Kuršaitis primary school in Dituva.

Lithuanian language. at the initiative of teacher methodologist Aleksis Bagdonavičiis, literary readings of Kuršaičiai took place in the school’s White Art. We received guests from the head of the Education and Sports Department of the Klaipėda District Municipality. specialist Sigita Muravjova, students and teachers from Kretingale primary school and from the city of Klaipėda: Martynas Mažvydas and “Saulėtekios” pro-gymnasiums, “Ģžuolyna” and “Varpo” gymnasiums, “Aušros” theater studios of the Queen Luizė youth center. Also, our school really had something to show! 4th grade started the celebration. student Danielė Žutautaitė with a dance of her composition “Life”.

The reading program was varied. Readers read the works of Lithuanian authors, poets and prose writers read their own works, and the authors of the research paper compared the similarities and differences between Jesus Christ and Don Quixote.

Literary readings were followed by sincere conversations. Everyone unanimously agreed that the event should become traditional, and readers would be happy to return next year. We sincerely thank all the participants and the teachers who prepared them for a real feast for the soul.

Aleksas BAGDONAVIČIUS, Lithuanian. teacher methodologist

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