Cubans in Russia enlist in the army to get citizenship

Russian press reports indicated this week that several Cubans signed contracts with the service of the Russian Armed Forces in Ryazan, to join the army, presumably combat in Ukraine, in order to obtain Russian citizenship, after a year of service.

According to this information, first disclosed by the Telegram channel, Ryazinformburo, this Wednesday, May 24, 2023, several Cuban citizens were “solemnly” escorted to the army. The Cubans allegedly expressed their “desire” to participate in Russia’s “special operations” in their neighboring country.

“It is worth noting that after that, residents of Cuba will be able to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation,” said a portal Russian.

An extension of the Miami channel AmericaTeVe, indicates that the new recruits go through a selection process, which includes a medical check-up, and then they will be assigned to different military units, according to their “specialization.”


The number of Cubans enlisted in the Russian army has not been made official, although since the beginning of this year, more than 450 foreigners have been sent to the front. The North American channel adds that in addition to the citizenship incentive, the Cubans would have received a payment of 5,000 dollars upon signing, and during the service period they would earn at least 2,500 dollars a month.

On May 16, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, announced that he would give express Russian citizenship to foreigners who enlisted in the Russian army in the war against Ukraine. A measure that benefits their direct relatives, since it is extensible to the parents, spouses and children of foreigners who sign a one-year contract with the Armed Forces.

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In recent years, thousands of Cubans have settled in that country, because it is one of the few that does not require visas for Cuban nationals. The idea of ​​the majority has been to enter Russia and continue on to a European country, such as Spain and Italy, but many give up on the attempt and end up settling in Russia, without papers.

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