Croky Cup Match Recap: Union Escapes Against SK Beveren – 07/12/23

Croky Cup – matchday 1 – 07/12/23 – 20:01

Union escaped through the smallest cup hole against SK Beveren. The second division team sold its skin dearly and even had the best chances against the leader from 1A, but was defeated in the end. An own goal and a goal from Amoura sent Union to the last 8.


93′ Bateau 0-1 (owngoal) 95′ Amoura 0-2

SK Beveren – Union in a nutshell:

Key moment: Extra time seems inevitable, but in the six minutes of extra time Union still takes the lead. With a lot of luck or bad luck for Beveren, depending on how you look at it. An own goal from Bateau and a deflected free kick from Amoura defeated Beveren. Man of the match: Ultimately, he doesn’t care much, but Beveren striker Goduine Koyalipou did put himself in the spotlight against Union. With, among other things, a nice retro against the post, he came close to a goal and he also continuously weighed on the Union defense. Striking: Union continues its undefeated streak. If we ignore the European route, we have to go back to September 16 for the last defeat of the current competition leader in 1A. Then Union lost at home to Racing Genk.

Paal eagerly keeps SK Beveren from a deserved lead

SK Beveren, mid-table in the Challenger Pro League, had already eliminated a first division team at the Freethiel with Westerlo in the previous round and dreamed of a new stunt against Union. The proud leader in 1A had a much changed start, without strong players such as Puertas, Amoura, Lapoussin and Burgess.

Alexander Blessin’s many substitutions did not work out well, as Union didn’t make much of it in the first half. Beveren was a lot more eager and gave the visitors a big scare early in the match with a header from Koyalipou. Limbombe then decided to be rash again after a clever counter.

Union did not get further than some harmless long-range shots from Rasmussen and Rodriguez and escaped to make it 1-0 ten minutes before half-time. Filipovic narrowly missed Goncalves’ free kick and saw the ball hit the post in the bots.

Union avoids extensions with a good dose of luck

Almost a dream start for Union in the second half. Well played in the box, Ayensa dribbled smoothly past goalkeeper Deman, but his finish hit the far post. It was not more than a flare-up for the visitors and so Blessin intervened after more than an hour with three substitutions: enter Amoura, Lapoussin and François.

That didn’t make much difference for Union. On the contrary, 20 minutes before the end the visitors got away again with a free kick from Goncalves. Not he himself, but star Koyalipou this time aimed the ball against the post with a clever retro.

The writing was on the wall for Beveren, because while everyone was preparing for extra time, Dame Fortuna completely let the home team down in extra time. On a cross from François, Bateau unfortunately put the ball into his own goal and two minutes later, goalkeeper Deman was left defeated again when Amoura’s free kick deflected onto the wall.

So bad luck for SK Beveren, which deserved more. Union will be the worst, despite a mediocre performance, they will be in the draw tomorrow for the quarter-finals.

Mixed emotions at Beveren: “Going home with a bad and good feeling”

Dries Wuytens (SK Beveren): “We can look back on a good match and we must also go into the coming match with a good feeling. We were not outplayed and we showed ourselves. The way we lost is very sad. We have tried to play football, made a good block and had chances. If we had finished them, we might have won here. We are going home with a bad, but also with a good feeling. Beforehand we thought that this would be a difficult match “, but a cup match is always special. They also come here with a different feeling. There is always something to be gained in the cup, it is a pity that that did not happen.” Fedde Leysen (Union): “There were chances on both sides and in the end we scored two goals, with a bit of luck. That’s part of it. There were a lot of substitutions with players who had not played for a number of weeks. Then it’s a matter of adapting again. each other. In the end we kept a good clean sheet and we deserved to win here. There is always a risk involved with substitutions, but the coach has confidence in everyone. We have a very strong group, so in such a match that is possible. Everyone has done his thing, some better than others. Of course you feel that things are going a bit more difficult. We had a difficult time for the first 20 minutes, but then the automatics came. We can also bring in many good players such as Amoura and Lapoussin “That is always an extra strength. We would like to win the cup, we have to go all out for the win in every match.”

Phase by phase


Union escaped unscathed and, thanks to a dose of luck, reached the quarter-finals of the cup. Only in extra time were the visitors able to make the difference on the Freethiel. An own goal from Bateau gave Beveren the first blow, a deflected free kick from Amoura the coup de grace.

Amoura puts it 0-2!

Unbelievable, with another good dose of luck, Union decided the match completely. A free kick from Amoura deflects onto the wall and puts Deman completely on the wrong foot. The goalkeeper can only watch helplessly as the ball disappears into the goal.

Owngoal kills Beveren!

Union actually strikes in extra time! A cross from François is unfortunately turned into his own goal by Bateau. What a blow for Beveren!

6 minutes extra

Six more minutes separate us from extra time. Or will the decision still be made in extra time?

Both teams are bringing in a fresh player between the lines. Kabangu at Union, Giorgi at Beveren. We are now heading for extensions.

Beveren misses the opportunities

The tension is gradually increasing and so the misses are becoming increasingly expensive. Koyalipou passes the ball well to Mertens in the box, but he decides to go too rashly from an acute angle.

Time is running out

Goncalves aims the ball into the wall and ends up wide in the replay. Time is slowly running out for both teams. Less than fifteen minutes of regular playing time.

Now it is Koyalipou, the star player for the home team, who is wrongly stopped by Lazare. New free kick for Beveren.

Another free kick for Beveren after a clear drawing error on Ismaheel. So watch out for Union, but this time the stationary phase poses no danger.

Koyalipou against the post!

For the second time, the post keeps SK Beveren from taking a lead! Once again a free kick from Goncalves was the basis. After a nice chest check on his cross, Koyalipou aims the ball as it falls with a kind of retro on target, but also on the post. Bad luck again for the home team.

Do switches bring about a turnaround?

Blessin understands that Union needs an injection of quality and intervenes with a triple substitution. Lapoussin, François and Amoura must bring more momentum to Union’s game. They replace Teklab, Terho and Ayensa.

The first half was not really inspiring and so far the second period has not appealed to the imagination either. Both Imbrechts and Deman have not yet been put to the test. Apart from the huge opportunity for Ayensa, there was very little to note. Are we heading for extra time?

Double change

De Decker intervenes with a double substitution at Beveren. Bateau and Mertens come into the team for Filipovic and Hrncar.

Yellow for Terho

Terho takes down Ismaheel. He will receive a yellow card.

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