Cristiano Ronaldo Beats “Chucky” Lozano in Duel; Juventus Defeat Napoli 2-1

With the result, the Turin team is placed in third position in Serie “A” in Italy, while Naples lagged behind in fifth position.

MEXICO CITY, April 7.— Juventus imposed its authority on the court by defeating Naples 2-1 to become third in the general classification of Serie A, where Mexican Hirving Chucky Lozano started and came out in second weather.

Juventus took the lead with a great individual play by Federico Chiesa on the right wing, where he took off two rivals and sent a service at the height of the penalty mark, where Cristiano Ronaldo finished on goal at 13 ‘.

At 34 ‘, the Mexican was in the eye of the hurricane before the claims of the players of the’ Vecchia Signora ‘, when he left a “memory” for Chiesa on the finish line, the product of a sweep. After a few minutes, the referee did not score a penalty.

Lorenzo Insigne had a chance, but his right foot shot did not go down completely and the ball brushed the crossbar at 39 ‘.

In the complementary part, ‘Chucky’ Lozano left the exchange at 53 ‘.

After the changes made by Genaro Gattuso, Napoli pressed more and Juve looked for the counterattack.

At 72 ‘, Paulo Dybala extended the score when he received the ball in the area, turned around and sent the ball hitting the right post.

In the final minutes of the match, Giorgio Chiellini dropped Victor Osimhen and the maximum penalty was decreed at 89. Lorenzo Insigne tricked Gianluigi Buffon into making it 2-1.

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With this result, Juventus reaches 59 units and is placed third in the general classification, while Naples stagnates at 56.

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