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Cristiano Ronaldo at Barca? New great revelation in Spain (Sport)

While Cristiano Ronaldo wonders about his future at Manchester United, the FC Barcelona catwalk resurfaces. And this time it is not a joke. The Barcelona newspaper Sport points out the existence of an interest from the Catalan club for the Portuguese crack, who is still not sure of staying at Manchester United at the end of the season, especially if the Mancunian club does not manage to get a vacant position in the next Champions League.

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 14 of Manchester United’s 29 goals this season, but the star is not entirely satisfied with the Red Devils’ season. According to the English media, the Portuguese is frustrated with his team’s performance and disappointed with interim manager Ralf Rangnick’s tactics and style. A crisis meeting was announced yesterday with Old Traford to clarify the future of the Portuguese. Except, to follow the sports media, it’s really nothing.

On the other hand, the Spanish club could embark on the conquest of the Portuguese ace. In case of absence from the Champions League at Manchester United next season, the Portuguese will be able, through his agent, to offer his services to Barça according to the same source.


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