‘Crisis envelope’ of 500 million: what exactly does it mean? | Coronavirus is spreading

Minister of Economy Pierre-Yves Dermagne and Minister of the Self-employed David Clarinval have worked out additional measures to deal with the heavy corona bill as much as possible. A ‘crisis envelope’ of 500 million euros has now been provided. This concerns the doubling of the bridging right, guarantees for the end-of-year bonus and the exemption from social security contributions for the third quarter.

In the first place, the amount of the crisis bridging right will be doubled for self-employed persons in the catering, events and cultural sector who have to interrupt their activity. The bridging right can also be applied for by, for example, a brewer who would only supply drinking establishments. Initially, the monthly amount of these allowances was set at EUR 1,291.69 for a single self-employed person and EUR 1,614.10 for a self-employed person with a dependent. That will be doubled to 2,583.38 and 3,228.20 euros respectively. A bill is currently being prepared for this.

Reduction of at least 10%

In addition, the bridging right to support the restart will be extended until the end of the year. Since June, self-employed persons who resume their activity can apply for a bridging right to support their restart. This applies to non-food stores, hairdressers, travel agencies, … To be eligible, self-employed persons must be active in one of the sectors that have been fully or partially closed for more than a month and that are under pressure when reopening stay. They must also demonstrate that their activity shows a decrease of at least 10% in sales compared to the same quarter in the previous year.

All employees in the hospitality industry will also receive a full year-end bonus, even if they have experienced periods of temporary or economic unemployment. Finally, the envelope will also make it possible to introduce an exemption from employer contributions to the NSSO for the third quarter.

Clarinval will meet tomorrow with representatives from Unizo, NSZ, the French-speaking medium-sized organization UCM, Fevia and Comeos. Together they will discuss additional support measures.

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