Covid Pfizer vaccine, third dose increases efficacy against Delta variant

The third dose of Pfizer vaccine would be remarkably effective against the Delta variant of the coronavirus. A third dose of Pfizer / BioNTech’s anti-Covid vaccine induces “titers of neutralizing antibodies against the Delta variant that are more than 5 times higher in younger people and over 11 times higher in older people, compared to 2 doses,” the data released by Pfizer in relation to the efficacy of the vaccine.

In particular, data published online indicate that the third dose of the vaccine increases efficacy by more than 5 times in the 18-55 age group. In the 65-85 age group, the effectiveness against the Delta variant increases by more than 11 times. The data refer to tests on 23 people and have not yet been peer reviewed or published in scientific journals, highlights the CNN. Professor Mikael Dolsten, head of the company’s research and development group, called the first data ” encouraging ”.

The levels of antibodies after the third dose are significantly higher even if we consider the original variant of the coronavirus and the Beta variant, initially isolated in South Africa. The US group and its German partner plan to “publish more definitive data on the analysis” of ongoing studies on the so-called ‘booster’ dose, which should be administered at least 6 months after the end of the first vaccination course. “All the data – they assure – will be shared with” the American and European regulatory agencies “Fda and Ema, and other regulatory authorities in the coming weeks”.


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