COVID-19: What should I do if I have been around a positive person?

The epidemiologist César Munayco, of the National Center for Epidemiology, Prevention and Control of Diseases of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), argued that if a person was close to a positive patient to coronavirus You must take a number of steps.

According to Andina, the citizen must quarantine for 15 days, notify his relatives so that they take the precaution of not approaching, and immediately seek a discard test.

“But you should not wait for the test to just take action, because in that time it can infect others, even vulnerable people,” emphasized the specialist.

He said that there are asymptomatic people who could infect their relatives without knowing it, so the use of a mask and social distancing is always essential.

“It is difficult to know who among all the asymptomatic patients does or does not have the disease, unless they have had close contact with someone positive. For this reason, in all cases it is necessary to respect the use of the mask, social distancing and not forget the washing. hands or the use of alcohol gel, “said Munayco in the Andina Health and Wellness program.

He added that, unlike a patient with mild or moderate symptoms, the asymptomatic He also has a viral load, although lower but capable of infecting other people who are close to him. “Therefore, the use of the mask and other precautionary measures is always necessary,” he explained.

The Minsa expert reported that in Lima there was a decrease in cases, but, as the days go by, they continue because there are fewer restrictions on leaving and because many people are doing family visits.

“No matter how familiar you are with the people we are going to visit, it is necessary to stay away, use liquid or gel alcohol for constant hand disinfection, as well as use a minimum three-layer mask,” the epidemiologist warned the media. .

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