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Covid-19 vaccine. Denmark permanently suspends the dose of AstraZeneca

The Danish health authorities will permanently suspend the vaccination of AstraZeneca against Covid-19 after having discontinued its use for five weeks following unusual cases of thrombosis in several European countries, local media reported on Wednesday.

The newspaper “Politiken and the channel” TV2 “, which cite unidentified sources, affirm that this will be the decision that will be communicated at the press conference called for 14 local time (12.00 GMT), once tomorrow Thursday ends. the period of three weeks decreed at the end of March to continue with the studies of unusual cases.

The suspension of AstraZeneca, of which Denmark has bought 2.4 million doses, will cause a delay of several weeks in the vaccination schedule of this Nordic country, which intended to have its entire population immunized by the end of July.

Denmark had been the first to suspend vaccination with AstraZeneca on March 11, a decision that was later followed by most European countries, although they resumed the process when the European Medicines Agency (EMA) assured that there was no evidence of a direct relationship with the detected cases of thrombosis.

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However, some countries have reserved its use for people over 60 years of age, such as Germany and Sweden, while Norway will announce in a few days what decision it will make on the vaccine, also suspended for a month.

In its previous appearance, on March 25, the Danish Medicines Agency argued the extension of the suspension due to the need to finish studying several unusual cases, although it defended the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.

Denmark has registered a death with this clinical picture, which includes a low number of platelets, clots in blood vessels and hemorrhages; and a couple of cases of deceased with similar symptoms that had not yet been analyzed at the end of March.

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