Court: Inheritance bridal couple who died on honeymoon goes to husband’s family Inland

The sad drama centers around the question of which of the two died first. The newlywed couple honeymooned in the Dominican Republic when fate struck on the eleventh day. Jeroen (31) and Michou (28) were affected by (food) poisoning, possibly after eating contaminated fish. Michou died on arrival at the hospital, shortly afterwards her brand new husband also succumbed.

Surviving law

Because Jeroen was the survivor by the letter of the law, a complex legal problem arose. As a survivor, Jeroen inherited the legacy of his brand new wife, and because he died soon after, his relatives were able to claim the inheritance.

When Jeroen’s family claimed the inheritance, they bluntly went to court, but the court now decides otherwise. Because the two had no will, according to the court, the rules of inheritance in the Civil Code apply. “And they argue that the husband (and not the wife’s family) is the wife’s heir.”

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