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Couple in China Break Up Over Bride Price Dispute

A couple in Jiangxi, China, who had been dating for three years, talked about marriage, but they had a dispute over the price of the bride price, and the two broke up. (Schematic/Pixabay)

A couple living in a small county in Jiangxi, China talked about marriage after dating for a period of time. Unexpectedly, the man quarreled with the other party because his girlfriend asked for a dowry of 188,000 yuan (approximately NT$810,000). In the end, the two parties could not agree on the price, and their relationship for many years ended, and they could not even get married.

According to a comprehensive report by Lu Media, a couple living in a small county in Jiangxi, China decided to get married after dating for 3 years. When the two parties discussed the issue of the bride price, because the woman believed that her boyfriend had a house and a car at home, and could earn more than 200,000 yuan (approximately NT$860,000) a year, she asked her boyfriend to take out a bride price of 188,000 yuan. .

But when the man found out, he was very dissatisfied with his girlfriend’s request for a dowry of 188,000 yuan. He thought that a friend’s wedding dowry was only about 100,000 yuan (about NT$430,000). The two had a big fight because of this, and finally their three-year relationship broke up.

As soon as the news came out, it also caused heated discussions among many netizens. They all said, “It’s not that he doesn’t have the money to marry you, but he doesn’t want to marry you”, “The way is different, don’t conspire with each other, it’s better to break up early”, “It’s the same thing if you can’t get it , It’s one thing to force it out, but this attitude is not the same thing anymore”, “Then let him marry the girl who is less than 100,000.”

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