Country announces start date for German Tesla Gigafactory>

The state government has published new information in its Official Journal on Tesla’s planned Gigafactory in Brandenburg. The most interesting one among them: According to the Environment Agency, Tesla plans to start producing electric cars in the new factory in July 2021. So far, there was only one Start of production sometime in 2021 been the talk.

The information can be found under the sober heading “Construction and operation of a plant for the construction and assembly of electric vehicles with a capacity of 100,000 pieces or more each year at 15537 Grünheide (Mark) on page 3 of the latest Brandenburg Official Journal from January 2020 Find. The capacity is given as an “estimated” 500,000 Model Y and Model 3 and possibly future models.

The official gazette says that the Tesla-Gigafactory will be put into operation in July 2021. A limitation like the capacity is not specified, so it should be an official statement from Tesla. That would be it The schedule for the German Gigafactory (GF4) is similarly ambitious like that for the Chinese GF3, whose regular deliveries these days start less than a year after construction begins,

Had plans for a German gigafactory in Brandenburg Tesla CEO Elon Musk surprisingly announced in November 2019, Soon after, voices were heard that the fast-acting company would change bite your teeth at German bureaucracy and thoroughness, So far, however, the preparations are progressing well: in 2019, the Negotiated purchase agreement for the property in Grünheide targeted by Tesla, approval by the Brandenburg Finance Committee and the Tesla leadership is still pending, but is likely to be largely a matter of form.

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Major delays, on the other hand, could cause the upcoming examination of the project according to the Federal Immission Control Act and the environmental impact assessment, which according to the official gazette must also be carried out. According to the state government, Tesla also submitted documents for this in 2019, but the procedures involve public participation.

From next Monday (6.12.2020), the documents will be made public for two months in offices and on the Internet, according to the information in the Official Journal, so that possible objections can be raised. There was a foretaste of this last week: An anonymous initiative distributed in Grünheide Leaflets with critical questions and statements about the planned Tesla settlement,

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