Coronavirus, the Oxford vaccine team. Present a biologist who has not entered medicine

The team ofOxford University may have dealt a fatal blow to the Coronavirus. The results of the clinical trial of the vaccine, in fact, show that it is 90% effective in stopping the Covid-19. The British government already has 4 million doses ready to be administered as soon as the vaccine is approved and has ordered another 100. It can also be stored in a normal refrigerator unlike those tested by Pfizer e Modern which must be kept at ultra-cold temperatures using expensive equipment. There are five people who have worked in the testing of this vaccine.

The Oxford team

The professor Katie Ewer she failed to enter medicine but did not abandon her dreams by supporting a brilliant career as a biologist. She hated immunology during her studies but was fascinated by infectious diseases. For the past 13 years at Oxford University he has been working on a malaria vaccine. Sarah Gilbert is a vaccinology professor who led the development and testing of a universal anti-inflammatory vaccine that underwent clinical trials in 2011. Work on the Covid vaccine earned her a spot on the Times’ Science Power List for May 2020 . Adrian Hill is an Irish vaccinologist and director of the Jenners Institute who conducted a clinical trial of an Ebola vaccine in 2014. Andrew Pollardinstead, he is the director of the group and has also been a member of the WHO’s SAGE Committee on Immunization since 2016 as well as being the Deputy Head of the British Medical Expedition of theEverest of 1994. Finally Teresa Lambe, associate professor and researcher at the Jenner Institute. She also has previous experience working on vaccine research, including Ebola and MERS.


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