Coronavirus, discos: the Regions avoid the stop. Government intervention postponed

It ends with a compromise the negotiation on nightlife between the government and the Regions. Because it is true that Emilia-Romagna and Veneto have decided to limit the capacity to 50 percent making mask mandatory if there is no two meter spacing on the track. But it is true that the nightclubs in this August marked by the surge in coronavirus infections, however, remain open. The pressures of many managers and some mayors have evidently prevailed over the need to stop the circulation of Covid-19. The closure measure threatened by the government postponed to the next few days. The minister confirms this Francesco Boccia: The further restrictive measures adopted confirm the continued and loyal collaboration with the government, but the constant monitoring ready for any intervention. A solution that obviously does not appeal to experts. The Scientific Technical Committee he had put pen to paper in the past few weeks the contrariet to the opening of discos and the position does not change, indeed. If the epidemic curve continues to rise, we risk not being able to reopen schools, the warning.

The recall

After two days of meetings and contacts, the new meeting scheduled for Friday skipped. The risk of a split is too high and so Boccia preferred to have direct confrontations with the governors. Among the newly infected there are many young people who have returned from Spain, Greece, Malta and Croatia, but also boys who have caught the virus in Italian holiday resortsis. We need prudence and rigor, you must intervene, Boccia warns that he moves in direct contact with the colleague of health Roberto Speranza. They answer the call Luca Zaia from Veneto and Stefano Bonaccini from Emilia Romagna, but they immediately clarify that the closure will not be total.

The ordinances

The measures signed yesterday afternoon allow access to a maximum number of customers equal to 50% of the amount established in the authorization to exercise, and in any case at least 1 meter between users must be guaranteedi e at least 2 meters between users accessing the dance floor. You must wear the mask both indoors and outdoors. The service staff too must use the mask and carry out frequent hand sanitization. While the governor of Sardinia Christian Solinas remains on the line of making islanders and tourists dance until 31 August, albeit two meters away, Bonaccini also provides for the immediate closure of the restaurant, without any reference to further administrative procedures, if it is ascertained by the supervisory bodies failure to comply with the rules established by the ordinance.


That is enough to raise the managers of the discos with the president of the Emilian Silb (the trade union of the category) Gianni Indino declaring: That’s enough now, we’re no longer there. We cannot always be the sacrificial victim. Was a scalp needed to be exposed to public opinion, was a sacrificial victim needed to be delivered to the right-thinking? Here, now you have it. But we’re not there anymore: we are tired of being considered the cause of all evil. Words that make it clear how strong the pressures have been to keep the premises open and that are relaunched by the mayor of Riccione Renata Tosi when it speaks of mad mayonnaise and, perhaps not having data on infections and deaths available, he asks to know what the scientific support for this ordinance of August.

The scientists

In reality it was the scientists themselves, especially in the last few hours, to warn of a trend in the epidemic curve which becomes more worrying every day. What are the risks explains it well Fabio Ciciliano del Cts: Discos are by their essence a point and a moment of absolute aggregation. The distancing almost impossible to guarantee and then there is the not secondary fact that people sweat, the respiratory rate increases while dancing and therefore the projection of longer-distance droplets. Next week the Committee will meet again, we will talk again about the reopening of schools, the resumption of work activities, public transport. Ciciliano warns: The constantly worsening epidemiological indices certainly do not make us rest assured, especially if we think that in a month the kids have to go back to classes. Here, this is the risk: other postponements, new closures.

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