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The state of emergency in the Antilles, a new sanitary protocol in schools in France and the expanded use of the sanitary pass from August 9 in the country – Paris adopted a new series of measures to prevent coronavirus infection, AFP reported, quoted by BTA.

After a cabinet meeting chaired by President Emmanuel Macron from a plane returning him to France after a visit to French Polynesia, a government spokesman said the country’s health situation continued to deteriorate and there were already 97 per cent more cases of infection. compared to the previous week. Now almost all of France is a red zone, he explained. A state of emergency is being imposed tonight in the overseas territories of Guadeloupe, Saint Martin and Saint Barthelemy due to the spread of the infection and the slow pace of the vaccination campaign in the three Antilles.

The new law on the expanded use of the sanitary pass in France will come into force on August 9, the government spokesman explained. The Constitutional Council is still expected to rule on it, after it was approved by parliament earlier this week. The pass (negative coronavirus test, full vaccination cycle certificate or COVID-19 certificate) from 21 July is used in cultural and entertainment venues where more than 50 people gather. Now its application will be expanded in restaurants, cafes, exhibitions, fairs, long-distance trains, domestic flights. Holders of plane or train tickets who take a test to include the data in the pass and who find themselves infected will get their money back for the unused ticket.

At the beginning of the new school year, only large unvaccinated students will study remotely if a case of infection is found in their classrooms. In children aged 6-11 years, in the first open case in the class, distance learning is carried out. France today registered 27,934 new coronaviruses, Reuters reported. This is the highest figure since the end of April so far, adds “AFP”.

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