Corona news: almost doubling of the number of beds for corona patients

The hospitals in Brabant have again scaled up their available beds for corona patients. “Last week there were still 50 beds, now there are 90”, says spokesperson Marieke van Bommel on behalf of the ROAZ, the Brabant hospital consultation. “We now also receive patients from Amsterdam and Rotterdam where they have a shortage of beds.”

According to the latest figures, there are 72 patients with corona in hospitals in Brabant. Six of them were transferred from the Randstad, where it is busier with corona patients. “The majority of these patients have had no or one vaccination and are also under the age of 70. There are also people in their twenties and thirties. But there are also people who have been vaccinated twice. That makes this variant so unpredictable,” says the spokesperson for hospitals in Brabant.



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