[Controversy Surrounding National Anthem]: The Ice Association’s Response Debunks Hong Kong Association’s Claim of Inability to Monitor Player’s National Anthem Refusal

[Sports News]The aftermath of the wrong broadcast of the national anthem at the World Ice Hockey Championships is still unresolved. The Hong Kong Ice Hockey Association, which submitted a report to the Hong Kong Federation and Olympic Committee yesterday (28Japan) issued a four-page statement in response to the criticism of the Hong Kong Association point by point, saying that they hope to clarify the facts and reduce misunderstandings from the outside world, and that they understand that they must bear corresponding responsibilities. Entry” item.

The Hockey Association issued a four-page statement today, responding item by item to the previous allegations made by the Hong Kong Association and the Olympic Committee. The Ice Ice Association pointed out that the Bosnian organizers have repeatedly confirmed through TV interviews and in writing that the Ice Ice Association has made every effort to request the verification of the national anthem. Yesterday, the other party responded in writing to confirm the content of the report.

However, the ice cooperation team said that this time they failed to complete the verification of the national anthem and the USB The request to the organizer is a mistake of the association, and it has apologized many times for this. The Ice Association has proposed that if the national anthem cannot be checked in the future, players will be asked not to enter the arena until the national anthem verification process is completed, and it is suggested that the Hong Kong Association add this practice in the guidelines so that other sports associations will encounter the same situation in the future. can follow.

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(Live Screenshot)

(Live Screenshot)

Regarding the Hong Kong Association’s criticism, the Association has always adopted an evasive attitude. The Ice Association said that it responded to media inquiries only because it was worried about the public’s misunderstanding, and did not intend to create a situation of remote communication with the Hong Kong Association. It emphasized that it did not refuse or evade communication with the Hong Kong Association. It is inconvenient to respond until it is clear. The statement also pointed out that the Ice Association has continued to respond to various requests from the Hong Kong Association and inquiries from the media between the two World Championships. The team competed for the standard and made an explanation on time.

The Hong Kong Association has also criticized the Ice Association’s corporate governance for urgent improvement, and the executive committee clearly lacks division of labor and supervision among members. However, the Ice Association responded that because the resources have always been reserved for the athletes, only the team leader and the coach led the team to play, and the other executive committee members were unable to go to the scene to provide support and understanding. Now, the most responsible thing to do is not to respond on behalf of others.”

The Hockey Association pointed out that even if the content of the guidelines cannot be fully implemented due to objective conditions, the fact that the wrong national anthem is broadcast is an iron-clad fact. Accepting the corresponding consequences is expected. However, I hope that the Hong Kong Association can regard all sports associations as partners and work together to do a good job. Do everything possible to avoid misplaying the national anthem.

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