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Controversy Erupts as aespa Leader Karina’s Speech Sparks Debate

Reporter Liu Wanxin/Comprehensive Report

Members of South Korea’s popular girl group aespa have “AI beauty” and their debut song has exceeded 100 million, accumulating high popularity. They also have many fans in Europe and the United States, and they are also actively pursuing the European and American markets. They are about to release a new album recently. They were interviewed on Rolling Stone’s channel on the 26th, but leader Karina’s speech about KPOP idol groups caused controversy.

▲aespa was interviewed by foreign media. (Picture/reproduced from YT/Rolling Stone)

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YT channel “Rolling Stone” uploaded a video of a conversation between Canadian singer Grimes and aespa on the 25th. Grimes asked the members about their thoughts on activities together, and Karina replied, “Although the four of us have different personalities, But we get along very well, and we get along very well in private, and we can communicate with each other without speaking out.” Then the topic changed and he said, “To be honest, there are many KPOP groups that often quarrel, and there are many groups that don’t get along, but we started from the beginning It was very good. I would talk about anything directly, so there were no big problems and the event went smoothly.”

▲Karina’s speech sparked discussion. (Picture/reproduced from YT/Rolling Stone)

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After the interview was aired, many netizens believed that Karina’s speech was not appropriate, criticizing “it’s too rash, why mention other singers when you’re just talking about yourself” and “it’s not a good thing… just don’t say it.” , “Didn’t she think that this would be difficult to deal with?” But many people said to her, “It’s not that serious, right?”, “She didn’t mean to criticize other groups, there’s nothing good she can’t say”, “Really It’s suffocating, to be criticized like this after saying just one sentence.”

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