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Controversy and Drama on House 2: Simon’s Complaints and Christina’s Schemes

The participants of House 2 laugh at Simon, who came to the project on a whim, and a few days later began to complain in his stories to subscribers about the lack of bright girls on the TV set. Mardanshin is bored at the project, and he refused to court Kristina Bukhynbalte in full confidence that Chris cannot be trusted and she is “playing schemes” with Ivan Barzikov and is waiting for Vanya, corresponding with him on any issue. What’s the point of Simon courting Chris if she’s scheming, dragging him into love triangles and trying to manipulate him?

In addition to the fact that Simon does not want to look after Christina, it turned out that Mardanshin’s libido dropped after communicating with Bukhynbalte. He sat with Christina and Igor at a dinner for three and felt that everything had gone out inside, and Bukhynbalte, as a woman, was not suitable for him.

Simon’s words and behavior hurt Christina. She did not wait for signs of attention from him when she was sick, and she herself begged to make tea for her. Igor Grigoriev noticed that Chris constantly thinks about Simon, but cannot get him; most likely, she missed the opportunity to get closer to Mardanshin. Or will Christina not give up trying to light a fire in Simon?

Not only Mardanshin sees the cunning and lack of sincerity in Christina’s words; earlier we talked in the shloka about the shame at Lobnoye Mesto, when Cherkasov invited the participants to vote against Bukhynbalte. And Simon doesn’t want to be the one who pulls the top participant out of the swamp. What about “driven horses”, will it be hard for Mardanshin if he takes a step towards Bukhynbalte and starts courting her?

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