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Controversial Offside Rule: 2022 World Cup Final and Proposed Changes

Nothing is more controversial in football than offside. All the more so when, as was the case recently in the 2022 World Cup final with Argentina’s Lionel Messi, a goal that decides the game results – and is disallowed. The current offside rule has been in effect for almost 100 years and was supplemented in 1990 by the fact that it is not considered offside if the player is level with the last defender. In 2005 the “passive offside” was introduced.

And now? Should everything be different. All things new. Should a player only be considered offside when his whole body is closer to the goal than the penultimate opponent. Half of all previously disallowed goals would then count. So everything better? At least everything is more exciting, Fifa hopes: more show, more action, less playing time. “90 minutes is long. You have to create short, fun content, today the product football is outdated,” says ex-Barça star Gerard Piqué. And the Austrians? are at odds. What puts a victorious grin on the face of the strikers makes beads of sweat grow on the brows of the defenders.

One thing is certain: after 100 years, FIFA can also become more modern. And while you’re at it: human rights, diversity and clean officials must be standard. In contrast to the new or old offside, there is no arguing about that at all.

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