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Conservatives are already asking for a recount

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Even before the first mid-term results, conservatives in the US are already asking for recount: this is problematic for several reasons.

Phoenix / Carson City / Harrisburg – At least since Donald Trump’s defeat in the 2020 presidential election, the claim that the US election was rigged has been part of the Republican repertoire. Some Republicans have recently reiterated the claim multiple times and have even speculated that the next midterms may also be skewed in favor of Democrats.

Several districts are therefore already taking precautions and calling for mid-term elections to be scrutinized, including Cochise County, a rural Arizona district. Routine reviews of election results are not uncommon in the United States, but the new “enthusiasm for election reviews” among conservatives is mostly tied to conspiracy theories.

A Conservative rally near the United States Capitol in Washington, DC on October 7. © Bryan Olin Dozier / Imago

One goal of the efforts is to completely abolish electronic voting machines, which are common in the United States. Boisterous requests for preventive testing come not only from Arizona, but also from Republican strongholds in fluctuating states like Pennsylvania and Nevada.

Midterms: Conservatives harass eligible voters in Arizona

How thedailybeast.com reported, officials from Pennsylvania’s Lycoming and York counties have already engaged in a manual recount. Before that, conservatives were said to have harassed the city’s population of some 50,000 residents and asked them for the expected votes. Only recently have right-wing armed extremists “monitored” the vote in Arizona. There have also been attempts to remove electronic voting machines from Cochise County. In other counties, manual recount requests have been made but blocked by courts or local authorities.

In Nye County, Nevada, a county official and Trump supporter announced that he intends to manually review midterm votes. After the court banned the plan, a statement said hand counting would begin “as soon as our plan was consistent with the court order.” Reports about it Associated Press.

Electoral experts believe manual ballot counting is a bad idea. They are more expensive, take longer, and allow for manipulation. Furthermore, a She studies since 2018 hand counts are less accurate than machine counts. (nak)

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