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Confusion about quarantine obligation for roommates

Confusion has arisen about the tightened corona rules for roommates of people who have tested positive. Last Friday, the outgoing cabinet announced that all housemates must be quarantined, regardless of whether they are vaccinated or not. But the advice online has still not been adjusted and the GGDs do not advise unambiguously either. According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, this is because not everything is “practically arranged”.

Until recently, roommates of infected corona patients were advised to only go into quarantine if they have complaints or are not protected against corona (in the form of a vaccination or a previous infection). On Friday it was announced that this was being tightened, as part of a broad package of corona measures.

The package of measures would come into effect on Saturday, the cabinet announced at the corona press conference. However, outgoing minister De Jonge made a reservation in the accompanying letter to parliament for the quarantine advice for housemates: “Because this advice may have a number of practical consequences, it will be further elaborated by RIVM.”


On Saturday, the ministry added the online news item about the new package that the quarantine measure would not take effect until Monday 15 November. But now that the time has come, there is still no clarity. For example, letters with instructions for infected persons and housemates have not yet been adjusted.

That is also the case for from online quarantine-check that people can do. If you enter that a roommate has tested positive and that you have been vaccinated yourself, you will receive the result that you do not have to quarantine. That is against the new quarantine rules.

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