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Conflict in Ukraine: Mason warns of fraudsters

Former Minister and current head of Hotel Roma Linda Mūrniece warns on the social network Facebook about scammers trying to deceive people trying to help the people of Ukraine.

We already told you to find it ingenious wayto provide financial assistance directly to the people of Ukraine, namely to book accommodation in one of the cities of Ukraine through airbnb and to pay for it. It goes without saying that you can’t go there right now, but there will be money for a family that rents an apartment.

Mūrniece has also provided such support to a businessman from Ukraine.

After that, she learned that the great idea of ​​renting a room, thus supporting the Ukrainians, was hastily caught by fraudsters who probably have nothing to do with Ukraine at all.

“If you want to support those who really own a property by renting out an Airbnb property, pay attention. I’ve covered the things you notice on one fraudster ‘s profile.

For the sake of the villains, we will certainly not stop supporting as much as we can, but we will do it carefully, “she writes.

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