Confessions of a High-Class Gigolo – Mr. Perfect and the Art of Seduction

Mr Perfect

He reported to me: Mr. Perfect. I was convinced that he was a perfect addition, but this Don Juan needed a little more guidance. It was his first time and the tension ran through his body. And you guessed it… his tools weren’t cooperating.

He didn’t understand it… The lady looked good, didn’t she? But yes, hitting on a lady in the pub and being allowed to choose for yourself is very different from working for an agency and having to wait and see who you meet. And then you also have to perform! Yes, that can bring some pressure.

A perfect appearance for a man is an advantage, but not enough. I’ll also be honest with you, this job is not for every man. It really is a profession, skills that you naturally have. As a gigolo you are the perfect man and you should be able to do the ‘trick’ easily without too much effort. You have style, class, and you are a charmer and a true gentleman.

Cuddling bears or dominating

You are a listening ear for the lady, a cuddly bear…. He massages away the worries of the day for you and has gentle sex with you or; he dominates you like Mr. Gray himself.

Our new Mr. Gray unfortunately had some problems on his first paid adventure. Then I switch quickly. I give him tips and tricks on what he can do and try to make him relax. Because once it gets into your head, it won’t work anymore. After retreating to the bathroom for a moment, feeling more relaxed and able to let go of the focus on performing, he continued the evening.

Mission accomplished

In the end, the lady had a fantastic evening with a highlight… goal achieved. For him it has led to reflection. Is this what he expected? Did the fantasies he had about this work come true?

I cannot emphasize anymore that this has been a fantastic career choice for me. It is a special privilege when a woman chooses you, you can be there for her and give her the evening that will stay with her… Both her fantasies and yours are expressed. Fantastic, right? You could say, in this profession you can distinguish the real men from the boys.

follow your feelings

As a gigolo I can only share my experiences and I got these experiences by following my feelings. The ladies often comment that they should have booked a gigolo much earlier, but that they were ashamed or did not dare. Regret their own procrastination.

And yes, everyone has something to say about everything. Whether you work as a gigolo or book a gigolo, people like to express their opinion and find something to say about it. Above all, do what you want and enjoy your life. Do you have the imagination? Then there’s only one way to find out: by doing it. Love, James.

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