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For this second day of National at Stade de la Source, the match ended in a draw (0-0). In the first half, US Concarneau took over. Stéphane Le Mignan’s men were the most dangerous and gave themselves a great opportunity. When a ball fell back, Corentin Jacob saw his shot deflected for a corner by L’Hostis. During the first period, Orléans failed to develop his game. In the 54th, Corentin Jacob was sent off following a second yellow card. Despite the numerical superiority, the chances were not many for Orléans. The Concarnois have shown great solidarity.

US Orleans notes

  • Franck L’Enemy (6)
  • Baïla Diallo (5)
  • Stone Mambo (5)
  • Nicolas Saint-Ruf (5)
  • Jimmy Halby-Toure (4)
  • Fred Dembi (5)
  • Loïc Goujon (5) (c): Replaced by Ismael Keita (64th)
  • Amine Talal (4) : Replaced by Florian Lapis (76th)
  • Carnejy Antoine (4)
  • Timothé Nkada (4)
  • Esteban Lepaul (4) : Replaced by Karl Fabien (45th)
  • Xavier Collin (coach, 5)

US Concarneau ratings

  • Vincent Viot (6)
  • Adrien Julloux (6)
  • Donatien Gomis (6)
  • Guillaume Jannez (6) (c)
  • Corentin Jacob (4)
  • Maxime Case (6)
  • Thibault Sinquin (6)
  • Tristan Boubaya (5): Replaced by Landry Nomel (74th)
  • Amine Boutrah (6) : Replaced by Georges Gope-Fenepej (79th)
  • Felix Ley (5)
  • Fahd El Koumisti (5)
  • Stéphane Le Mignan (coach, 6)


  • Franck L’THE ENEMY He made important saves for US Orléans. His save on Jacob’s strike in the first half keeps his team alive.
  • Vincent Viot : Very important on his line, he was important for US Concarneau. He allows his team to leave with the point of the draw. Until the last minute he didn’t tremble.
  • The defense of Concarneau: Throughout the meeting the defense was solid. When they were outnumbered, they didn’t tremble and kept their cool.


  • The Orleans attack: In the first half, the Orleans attackers did not know how to shine with few opportunities to get their teeth into. It was difficult for them to find the loophole in this Concarnoise defense.
  • Finishing : On both sides, the finish was not there. Despite great opportunities, frank, the players have not managed to find the framework.
  • The heat : For this second day, the heat was present with 30 degrees at kickoff. A freshness break must have taken place. The organizations dug this evening with this heat.



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