Completely different from Lee Seong-min and Jin Yang-cheol in ‘Secret Confidentiality’!… ‘Conglomerate House’ Song Joong-ki followed by Cho Jin-woong and all-time great chemistry [MD현장](Synthesis)

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[마이데일리 = 김나라 기자] Actors Cho Jin-woong, Lee Seong-min, and Kim Moo-yeol predicted an intense romance chemistry in the movie ‘Confidential’.

On the morning of the 2nd, at Megabox Seongsu, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, a press conference for the production of ‘Confidential’ was held. Director Won-tae Lee and actors Jin-woong Cho, Seong-min Lee, and Moo-yeol Kim attended.

‘Confidential Confidential’ is a crime in Busan in 1992, in which Hae-woong (Cho Jin-woong), a candidate for the National Assembly, Sun-tae (Lee Seong-min), a hidden political figure, and Pil-do (Kim Moo-yeol), a gangster, hold secret documents that will shake the Republic of Korea and engage in fierce competition to overturn the game. drama. Director Lee Won-tae, who made ‘The Bad Man’ (2019) and ‘Captain Kim Chang-soo’ (2017), which was invited to the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival, took the megaphone. Here, production crews such as ‘Bad Man’, ‘Criminal City’ and ‘Taxi Driver’ participated.

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On this day, director Lee Won-tae said, “There are many good films in the noir genre in Korea, but ‘Confidential Confidential’ presents another story. It is a movie in which unpredictable whirlwinds of fate unfold until the end of the three men.” If this was a movie close to action noir, ‘Confidential’ deals with the essential story of human desire and betrayal in pursuit of money and power.”

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Cho Jin-woong took on the role of Hae-woong, a candidate for the National Assembly who wants to end his political life at the bottom of the play. A three-dimensional character that gradually changes to wear a gold badge is expressed.

It is already the fifth collaboration with co-star Lee Seong-min in ‘Kundo: Age of Civil War’ (2014), ‘Sheriff’ (2017), ‘Duke’ (2018), ‘Black Money’ (2019), and this new work ‘Confidential’.

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Regarding Lee Seong-min, Cho Jin-woong said, “He is a senior who respects Lee Seong-min and makes the field so gentle and peaceful, so he is always a reliable senior when he comes. The expression of chemistry is not enough,” he said, revealing extraordinary trust.

He also said, “Senior Lee Sung-min is always like that character. Watching him play Sun-tae, I thought, ‘This is really bad, isn’t it someone who lives like that?’ It was to the point where I felt like I was doing it. Even if I didn’t have any reaction, I felt a sense of injustice. I am so grateful.”

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Last year, Lee Seong-min, who received great love as chairman Jin Yang-cheol in the drama ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’, returned to Sun-tae. The role of Soon-tae is a hidden power that shakes the political scene, and heralded overwhelming charisma.

It was an attractive story about Lee Sung-min’s reason for appearing in ‘Confidential Confidential’. Also, acting with Cho Jin-woong is always exciting, and I came to participate in this work for various reasons,” he said, “above all, the character Sun-tae I was in charge of was attractive, so I thought it was a job worth trying,” raising expectations.

Lee Seong-min also said of Cho Jin-woong, “If I have another chance to work with Cho Jin-woong next time, it will be the first reason for Cho Jin-woong to choose that work. Working together is thrilling and nervous, and acting with this friend will bring out the spirit of the gods that appear. The ensemble has always been better than I imagined. When I met as an actor, I don’t think there’s any chemistry that goes beyond that. I’m sincere.”

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In particular, Lee Seong-min said, “The character Sun-tae is completely different from Yang-cheol Jin. The similar point is that the tone of voice is in Gyeongsang-do, so you can see it that way. I hope that if you watch the movie, you will be able to feel the delicacy of the character Sun-tae separately.” tried to transform

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Kim Moo-yeol played Pil-do, an action-oriented gangster who dreams of becoming a political gangster in ‘Confidential Confidential’. Kim Moo-yeol, who worked with director Lee Won-tae following ‘Bad Man’, said, “‘Confidential’ was a realistically well-drawn scenario set in Busan. It was an honorable place with the belief that it was the second work with the director and collaboration with two seniors, Lee Seong-min and Cho Jin-woong. “I couldn’t help but choose.”

Kim Moo-yeol said, “I paid a lot of attention to maintaining my weight for the role of Pil-do.” “A month before filming, the director suddenly said that I needed to gain some weight, so I ate and exercised hard. hugged

In response, director Lee Won-tae said, “I thought that I could do it enough because I saw Kim Moo-yeol gain 15kg in ‘Bad Man’.”

‘Confidential’ is scheduled to be released on March 1st.

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