Comparison of Félix Pons and Francina Armengol: A Clash of Political Titans

Comparison of Félix Pons and Francina Armengol: A Clash of Political Titans

When comparing to Félix Pons con Francina Armengolthe same thing happens as when balancing a Roger Federer con Rafael Nadal. No matter how many tournaments the Spaniard wins, purists and semi-professional tennis players will always decree the aesthetic superiority of the Swiss. The watchmaker against the stonecutter. A certain indifference is also observed when assessing the two Majorcan presidents of Congress, the judges even resent writing both names in the same paragraph. And it’s not just because of machismo.

I would also like Pons to surpass Armengol in importance, but getting it right is more appealing. The president of Congress far exceeds her predecessor in resume, and she only remains in history behind Anthony Maura. The pre-eminence of the socialist repeatedly defeated by Gabriel Canellas It is not only false, it is untenable. The most trusted man Felipe Gonzalez He was and is the favorite of the intellectuals, but he lacked the slightest electoral pull in his land that is this.

It is honorable to celebrate the titles of Manolo Orantes, but cruel to place him next to Nadal. It should be remembered in case someone thinks that today reaching the third authority of the State as a “votable” candidate for more than twenty political parties is less arduous than when González proposed and disposed according to his holy will, apart from some grunt of fraga. In addition to leading the Congress in troubled Sanchista times and not hegemonic Felipistas, Armengol has presided over Mallorca and the Balearic Islands for two consecutive times, apart from repeatedly humiliating the PP, which almost always defeated the jurist. The pharmaceutical company can boast of four regional victories (1999, 2007, 2015, 2019), as well as the only time in history that the PSOE surpassed the popular ones as the most voted list, in 2019. By then they had already stopped voting for it Pons enthusiasts, which did not affect their expectations. The same happens in the generals, with three Armengolista victories (2008, with encores in 2019).

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The exaltation of Pons over Armengol forces us to omit the Balearic trajectory of the first, very lackluster. Why should Cañellas’ initiatory victory in 1983 over the future president of Congress be logical, when Ramon Aguiló conquered Palma in 1979 and improved results on the same day in 1983, not to mention González’s Balearic victories in 1982 and 1986? Conclusion, the Mallorcan lawyer won reinforced by the Sevillian, never the other way around.

The secret of the ten years of Félix Pons’ presidency was Xesca Vidal, its communication director and much more that had us in love and afraid at the same time. The magnetism that is retrospectively attributed to the extraordinary politician did not prevent the PP from sweeping the regional elections of 1987, 1991 or 1995. Nor did his leadership in the general elections cushion the collapse of the Balearic socialists in the general elections of 1989, 1993 and 1996.

Armengol is more than Pons, but he does not succeed Pons against his claims. In the image that illustrates us today, it can be seen that the lawyer’s much-loved disciple was Aina Calvo, unceremoniously cornered by a relentless president of Congress by suppressing predecessors and especially successors. the devotee of rubalcaba You should remember the phrase of the then Vice President of the Government, when we encouraged him that he multiplied the quality of his boss. «Yes, but Zapatero win elections.” A sentence for history.

Pons is Rubalcaba in cardinal, Armengol is Zapatero plus smiling cruelty. I of course surrender to the erudition of those who surpass the president of Congress for a decade, but I have the disadvantage of having been there. In the headquarters of the PSOE after the endless defeats, in the Spanish Town when Aznar put Pons through the roof, using him as a lever against the humble socialists of ancient and Armengol. Yes, those were the times of the “fuck, what a troop”, dedicated to the Pact of Progress by the re-founder of a party that today yearns for an alliance with the fugitive Puigdemont. There is no risk that feijóo exalt Armengol as a paragon, fortunately.

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To finish where we started, Rafael Nadal surpasses in importance the sum of Pons, Armengol, Matutes and all the Balearic politicians including Antonio Maura. The past and the future. That’s life.

Unthinkable Sunday reflection: “The improbable just needs more time.”

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