Comparison of DX12 and DX11 in Stray

RTX is not only reflections, it is also shadows and re-reflected light from the surface

After players discovered that it was possible to turn on DX12 in the game and thus activate the ray tracing effects, I decided to make a comparison.

You can play the game in this mode with a good video card with hardware accelerated ray tracing, but be prepared for FPS drops even on a very powerful 3090ti level video card

By the way, at the very beginning of the game, graphic artifacts may appear in the form of bright blue reflections of the cat, because he, like other cats in the game, does not want to be reflected in mirror surfaces, a little further when we get into the city there are no serious graphic artifacts and here you can already get enjoyment of the picture.

The graphics in the game look good even without DX12, but the developers clearly wanted to implement ray tracing.

Below is the result of comparing graphics

The influence of DX12 has a positive effect on the overall perception of the picture, the shading looks correct, the overall depth of the image is felt due to the correct operation of light and shade.
Of the obvious disadvantages, even on 3090ti at a resolution of 2560×1440 there are drawdowns of up to 50 FPS in locations with a large number of light sources.

We are waiting for official support from the developer, I hope they implement it.

Have you already tried turning on dx12 in the game?

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