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Comparison of Dimensions: New PlayStation 5 vs Original – Revealed!

On Tuesday, after a series of leaks and speculations, the new models of the PlayStation 5 console were officially presented. In addition to a larger SSD drive, a removable drive and a modified stand, the most significant change in the new disc and digital versions is the more compact dimensions. Sony representatives already revealed at the unveiling that they are new models approximately 30% smaller in terms of dimensions and 18 to 24% lighter in terms of weight. So far, unfortunately, we have not received any official comparison materials that would put the new and original versions side by side.

Therefore, skilled creators from among the gaming community had to apply for a say. In this case, it’s a user with the nickname NatureCertain, who on Reddit published images of custom 3D models of both consoles that very they well illustrate just the change in dimensions between the original and the new version of the PlayStation 5. You can find more technical information about the new model in a separate news item.

PS5 slim 3D model and PS5 fat 3d model size comparison
byu/NatureCertain inplaystation

2023-10-13 06:02:31
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