Communities come to Facebook Messenger

With an experience similar to WhatsApp Community Chats, Meta has launched Community Chats for Facebook and Messenger in Spain. The objective of this new functionality is that users can talk in real time about topics that interest them in text, audio or video format.

Community Chats on Facebook and Messenger replicate the experience of WhatsApp

In the Community Chats for Messenger and Facebook administrators can start conversations about specific topics, to which group members will have the opportunity to reply immediately, without the need to publish a post.

In Communities chats on Facebook Messenger, conversations can be divided into several categories. So, for example, a group of parents of students can have a category of “2nd year class” and can talk there about issues that affect that specific class.

There are other options within the Community Chats, for example chats for members on a specific topic, specific event chats for meetings and hangouts… as well as broadcast chats, in which only the administrator or moderators will have the opportunity to speak to the community.

Community Chats on Facebook and Messenger also allow you to create audio rooms of up to 30 people where you can make live comments or request help in real time, thus replicating the ClubHouse or Spaces experience on Twitter. For example, a Facebook Group admin can create a dedicated audio chat for study groups during final exams. In it, the participants will have the possibility to activate the video to receive live tutorials. These chats can only be accessed by members of the Group.

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Meta makes several moderation tools available to administrators to manage Keen chat activity. For example, you can block, mute or suspend participants, and you can also delete messages or group members.

On the other hand, the administrator assistant option allows you to automate the suspension of participants, delete reported messages and prevent the sending of messages from people who violate the rules of use.

Members of Communities chats can also report inappropriate messages to administrators or Meta, as well as block users or leave a chat at any time.

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