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Comedy series starts on NBC

Young Rock (c) NBC

On the US network NBC, the turbulent life of wrestler, actor, entrepreneur and former football player Dwayne The Rock Johnson will be retold in the form of a sitcom called Young Rock. Four actors will play The Rock in it.

Today, Tuesday, February 16, the Young Rock series celebrates its world premiere on NBC.

The comedy series “Young Rock“Is about the eventful childhood of Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson (“Ballers“, „Hobbs & Shaw“). He has changed residence often and attended high schools in Hawaii, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. In addition, he often came into conflict with the law. He was arrested several times for theft, fraud, and violent crime before he turned 17. Johnson will be both an executive producer and a cast member. He should appear in every episode. A trailer has also already revealed that the actor is aiming for a candidacy for US president in the series plot.

Adrian Groulx will play ten year old Johnson. This is described as honest, stubborn, enthusiastic and courageous. Bradley Constant plays the 15-year-old version of the future wrestling superstar. At this age, he tries his best to survive as a teenager. Uli Latukefu (Marco Polo) will play him between ages 18-20 when he was recruited through a football scholarship from the University of Miami.

Stacey Leilua will play the role of Ata Johnson, his strong and positive mother. Joseph Lee Anderson (SWAT) plays Dwayne’s charismatic and charming father. Ana Tuisila will play Lia Maivia, his sweet and warm grandmother, who can also be a cutthroat businesswoman if she has to.

The script for the series was written by Nahnatchka Khan and Jeff Chiang (each known from Fresh Off the Boat) and the two will be executive producers of the first along with Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, ex-WWE writer Brian Gewirtz and Jennifer Carreras Season belong.

Finally, here is the current trailer for the start of the season of the US comedy series “Young Rock“:

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