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– Come some tears of joy – VG

JOURNEY HOME: The national hockey team is allowed to travel home from the quarantine hotel at Scandic Helsfyr. Photo: Javad Parsa

HELSFYR (VG) After first traveling to the quarantine hotel, the hockey boys received the counter message: They are allowed to be in the home quarantine.


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– I have only received a message about it. I understood that it was a municipal chief physician in Oslo who had that authority. This is good news for ours, but at the same time it completes the chaos, says Secretary General of the Norwegian Ice Hockey Association, Ottar Eide.

The Ministry of Culture writes to VG that they do not know about the assessments and refers to Oslo Municipality for an answer after the hockey boys were released from quarantine hotels.

On Tuesday afternoon, the municipal chief physician in Oslo, Frode Hagen, writes this in a message to VG:

«Oslo Municipality has graduated the national hockey team according to the Covid 19 regulations § 6-f, which provides exceptions for top athletes. Unfortunately, national teams, apart from the national football team, and otherwise top athletes who compete or prepare for the Olympics, have no exceptions. Thus, an incorrect assessment has been made, and the municipality does its utmost to follow up the national hockey team and ensure that these receive the necessary tests and follow-up further. The players are now in quarantine in their own homes, and it is important that they follow the infection control rules that apply at all times.

National team player Tommy Kristiansen says that he was moved when he heard the decision that they could serve the quarantine at home.

– It was completely insane. There was a lot of joy in the body then. That was great news. Both I and those at home were overwhelmingly happy. It’s going to be a nice night. She had not expected me to come, so there were some tears of joy on the phone, Kristiansen says to VG.

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