Colomiers. Play and literary café at the Théâtre du Center

On Friday 20 and Saturday 21 May, the Théâtre du Center invites the public to a contemporary theatrical show (theater and video), and to “its” monthly literary and musical café.

Friday, “Angèle 75”, the creation of the Compagnie Lampe-Tempête, embarks the public in the life of a woman of the 60s and 70s, barely 50 years ago; and more specifically, one night in November 1974 when Angèle’s life changed dramatically: in the midst of a debate on the Veil law, she had just learned that her 16-year-old daughter Delphine was pregnant… For Angèle, History stuttered and it is intolerable. When will the liberation and emancipation movements bear fruit?

Duration: 70 mins, adults and children over 13 years old.

Creation and direction: Alice Lacharme and Frédérique Renda, Text and acting: Alice Lacharme. Price: €15 (reduced, €10). Reservations: Tel. 06 68 36 85 02 or on The “Plein Feux booklets” (5 non-nominative places without time limit), are offered at 45 € (18 € reduced price).

The next day, Saturday 21 at 11 a.m., Marc Fauroux will host the Literary and Musical Café. He will read the most beautiful pages of recently published novels: “Journal de nage” (by Chantal Thomas, Éditions du Seuil), “The day the world has turned” (by Judith Perrignon, Éditions Grasset), and “Mothers’ Sunday ” (by Graham Swift, translated by Marie-Odile Fortier-Massek, Éditions Gallimard).

Welcomed in creation residency by the Cie Paradis-Éproofette, the Asbah trio (piano, clarinet and percussion) will offer their intimate jazz interludes.

43, rue du Center in Colomiers.

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