Colomiers. Atypical encounter with a family of handball players

the essential
In the game of the seven families, they would be the handball family. There is the mother, Isabelle, leader, the four children, all players and the father, the most loyal supporter.

All are members of US Colomiers Handball. And their passion has remained intact for many years.

Gebril, the 19-year-old eldest, is goalkeeper while Soltan, a year younger, is a full-back/pivot. Both, at the club since they were 5-6 years old, will play in the senior group next season. Selim, 13, who started 5 years ago, is also a goalkeeper and will keep the cages for the second year of the club’s U15s. The youngest, Dani, from the height of his 6 years, will play with the U9, practicing the hand for his second year.

Players, referees…

Not content to be only players, Soltan and Selim are referees at the club, when they are not behind a scorer’s table. Gebril supervises the U11 Boys, he who is also an animator at the ALAE of the Lamartine nursery school. “I had a very good year with the youngest, I like to take care of them and teach them everything they taught me,” said the young man, believing that transmission is very important in a club like Colomiers.

A club precisely that the family seems to have pegged to the body. “We really like the state of mind that reigns here. US Colomiers handball is a family club where mutual aid and solidarity are the key words. There is a mentality that we all like” relates Isabelle, the housewife. The latter actively participates in the life of the club, being sometimes responsible for the room, sometimes in charge of the bar. Originally, the passion came when the eldest discovered handball during an initiation at the time of the municipal sports initiation school (EMIS).

Since then it has never stopped, until it has become contagious. Handball is a real family affair.

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