Codename Galaxy S23 brings bad news to the 2022 Galaxy Fold

With the Galaxy Note family officially out of the picture for good and the Galaxy S22 trio slowly long in the tooth, it seems logical that the undivided attention of many hardcore Samsung fans will be turned to the fast-approaching Galaxy S23 series. The first rumors about this smartphone have already been spread, but this rumor jumped into our minds for a while.

Appropriate code name

They say diamonds are forever, and while that’s clearly not true for mobile devices, it’s certainly exciting internally to refer to an unreleased smartphone (or three) as “Project Diamond.”

If you’re wondering if that codename really means anything, unfortunately we have to report that we don’t really think so. Samsung has a long history of choosing internal labels for upcoming flagships that sound cool, exciting, or mysterious without being clearly related or in any way pointing out new features, designs, or upgrades.

To illustrate that, here’s how every recent Galaxy S-series hero device has been codenamed ahead of an official announcement:

  • Galaxy S22 Family – Rainbow (R – S22; G – S22 Plus; B – S22 Ultra)
  • Galaxy S21 – Galaxy U
  • Galaxy S20 – Hubble
  • Galaxy S10 – Beyond
  • Galaxy S9 – Star
  • Galaxy S8 – Dream
  • Galaxy S7 – Project Lucky

In short, we don’t expect next year’s Galaxy S23 family to include a diamond-encrusted model or the like, but perhaps this choice suggests Samsung is working on the long-term ruggedness and durability of its high-end handsets.

This codename reveal also seems to have come considerably earlier than usual, but before you even get to it, we should point out that this may have less to do with an early release and more to do with recent speculation about a mysterious new Samsung foldable. .

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Bad news for the foldable Galaxy

If the Galaxy S23 is indeed codenamed Project Diamond, that almost certainly means there won’t be a third foldable Galaxy in the pipeline before 2022. Sure, such a device could be planned under a different codename, but until that other codename (or device). starts as we rolled around the rumours, we wouldn’t get too excited at the thought of a Flex Note or a rollable handset of any" target="_blank">

news/samsung-galaxy-scroll-could-arrive-before-lg-rollable_id128496" target="_blank">With 2023 announcements now much more likely for such experimental products, it’s probably wise to focus your energy, time and money on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, which are sure to be released this year.

The Z Fold 4 sounds particularly exciting (if not exactly revolutionary), with a built-in S Pen, vastly improved durability, and an unannounced processor under the hood that’s likely to make the list of top selling" target="_blank">

news/samsung-galaxy-z-flip-4-z-fold-4-key-features-specs-rumors_id139042" target="_blank">But perhaps the best news in all of this is that the Galaxy S23 leaky rumors are, in fact, officially underway now that the codename has been leaked, which generally makes it a lot easier for insiders to dig up information and share it with the masses. to give. Who’s ready to feast on some juicy “Diamond” treats?

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