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Coach Al Nassr promises to make Ronaldo happy


Trainer Al Nasser Rudy Garcia happy to be present Cristiano Ronaldo. He hopes to make the Portuguese star happy.

Ronaldo was officially introduced as a new Al Nassr player on Tuesday (3/1/2023) WIB evening. He signed a two-year contract with a salary of up to 200 million a year or about Rp. 3.3T!

This exorbitant salary is said to be deserved by Ronaldo considering his status as one of the best footballers of all time. Not to mention that the arrival of Ronaldo can also have a significant impact on the club’s income.

However, Ronaldo’s existence could be a double-edged sword considering his split from Manchester United has been an unfortunate one. Ronaldo is no longer Erik ten Hag’s first choice and is often supported.

Ronaldo was only considered a burden for MU because he was unable to adapt to the team’s game. This will be a tough test for Rudi Garcia as Al Nassr’s manager.

In the midst of the demands to lead Al Nassr to success, he also had to welcome Ronaldo into his team. Related to this, Garcia was reluctant to bother him.

According to Garcia, Ronaldo is a top player who can have a positive impact on the team. He wants Ronaldo to feel comfortable in his scheme of him, so that he can lead Al Nassr to success.

“Of course there are only 3-4 journalists after the match. Come on, now you all come here to talk about Cristiano’s goals after the match,” he said Rudy Garcia Of Daily mail.

“Al Nassr and I are very proud to welcome Cristiano here. Everyone knows he is a role model.”

“My goal is to make Cristiano happy and I want to put him at ease by playing for Al Nassr and winning titles with Al Nassr.”


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