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COAC 2024 Quarterfinals: Highlights and Order of Action


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Who sings today Friday, January 26 at the Falla Theater? The seventeenth and last preliminary session of this COAC 2024 presents as highlights two chirigotas that have caused the best sensations in the preliminaries: that of José Luis García Cossío and that of the crier of this 2024, José Manuel Braza Benítez, the Sheriff.

Order of Action of the first session of the COAC 2024 Quarterfinals:

20.10 hours: Choir The Guild. ‘El Chapa’ and his group opted for the lyrics consolidated in preliminaries, those that have been stored for the longest time and do not offer risk in interpretation. It was, however, an impeccable performance, so the feelings are very hopeful in order to overcome the quarter-final stage.

20.50 hours: Chirigota ‘I won’t even feel the hunger’. José Luis García Cossío returned to the Falla stage after two years of absence with a type of singers. Trademark irony and sensational blows scattered throughout the preliminaries. Perhaps it was not the most resounding coup of a chirigota from ‘El Selu’, but it is in this phase where, finally, the repertoires settle. We’ll see if the new thing they bring ends up dazzling the public.

9:30 pm: Quartet ‘Punk and circus, the fight continues’. The Gago, always expected, did not disappoint. He made people laugh, but also excited with his defense of the quartet at various moments of the pass. The flagship group of the modality has all the means to once again compete for a first prize and a chorus that will be sung tonight at the Falla: “Without God, country or king, life would be fairer, but without the carnival I don’t like life.”

22.10 hours: Comparsa ‘The 3×4 is back’. Rafael and Marcos Pastrana Lorenzo They paid tribute to the soniquete of Cádiz in their preliminaries. The aged flavor and essence of the Tacita de Plata predominated throughout the repertoire, which has a beautiful chorus. Perhaps it is in the medley where the troupe languishes, but towards the end it also presents very powerful quatrains. “Cádiz is the poorest music university because a simple counter examines your pasodoble,” we will hear tonight.

22:50 hours: Paradise Choir. Luis Rivero remains faithful to his style. Its chorus, musically and interpretively brilliant, is a caletera allegory. The staging evokes the marine universe of ‘The Little Mermaid’, the Disney story. The medley is always one of its great values, but this year, in addition, it presents a tango without artifices and very Cadiz.

23:30 hours: Chirigota ‘The Grinch of Cai’. The proposal of carnival crier It was a complete success in the first qualifying phase. Against all odds, the grinch turns out to be a very nice character, he is always angry, but in a lie. Two very good pasodobles, with the very personal seal of ‘El Sheriff’joined a round performance with very nice cuplés and a very fun medley.

00:10 hours: Comparsa ‘The Manufacturers’. The group he leads Paco ‘Catalan’ It premiered with an only correct performance. Patricia Andres (‘The Preacher’) added to the authorship of Francisco J. Ramírez ‘El Chato’ and the address of Tomy Germany. Considering so many historic names in the comparsa modality, we expected more in the preliminary phase, but there is still a lot to say and tonight the wind makers have a magnificent opportunity to do so.

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