Clubs in Schönberg get less money from the city

Roll backwards for clubs in Schönberg (Northwest Mecklenburg): The city is helping them this year with significantly less money than before. The previous award practice was unlawful. The local authority of the district has stepped in.

Schoenberg.Uwe Kylau reacts concerned. “The lower grants will of course have consequences,” says the chairman of the Schönberger “Association for Communication, Environment and Culture” (Kuk). He has just found out how much money the city will give the club this year. Not with 520 euros, as requested. And not with the 350 euros that the Committee for Schools, Culture, Sport, Youth, Senior Citizens and Social Affairs granted the community of volunteers on March 31st. It doesn’t get more than 300 euros for the numerous events that the Kuk-Verein organizes for the public. And almost all other clubs in Schönberg now have to make do with less money for their social and cultural projects than they previously assumed.

The background: For years, the members of the Committee for Schools, Culture, Sports, Youth, Senior Citizens and Social Affairs decided which club received how much money from the city. Now the municipal supervision of the Northwest Mecklenburg district states: They were not allowed to do that. The years of practice were unlawful. The committee is a body that can only make recommendations. It is not up to him to make decisions about the city’s assets. What its members wanted on March 31 no longer applies.

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