Clubhouse no longer requires access to telephone contacts

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The wildly popular Clubhouse audio chat app no ​​longer requires access to contacts to send invitations with a new update. That was necessary for this. Now you can directly enter a number or use the iOS contact dialer (which does not require contacts access) to send the invitation.

Clubhouse has decided to address some major concerns regarding user privacy on the platform. The fast-growing audio chat app therefore no longer requires access to users’ phone contacts.

In the app you can talk live in ‘Rooms’ with other strange and famous people. The conversations are only with audio and can be about different topics. Each Room has a moderator who can add speakers.

The popular audio app has made a lot of headlines lately due to its eye-catching privacy policy. Clubhouse users had to provide their phone number and access to the full contact list so that they could invite other people as well. All their contacts were therefore stored on different servers. With this, Clubhouse created so-called ‘shadow profiles’ for people who have not yet used the app. This strategy would violate European privacy rules.

Your privacy

Have you ever given Clubhouse access to your phone contacts, but are you worried about your privacy? Clubhouse chief Paul Davidson has said that for now, users have the option to ask Clubhouse to delete all contacts the company has saved so far. In addition, the app indicates that it will soon add a function to the app to allow users to delete their data themselves.

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